The Journey Begins

Hello everyone! It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to try something new. Blogging is something that I have been interested in for some time, but aside from the short time that I had a Tumblr account dedicated to virtual cats it isn’t something that I have ever tried. Also I suppose I’ve never had a subject that I’ve been passionate enough about to regularly write about until now.

Over 2018 I became more aware of environmental issues and was interested in ways that I could help the environment and live a more green life. Like most people I knew about global warming, CFCs, rising sea levels and the bees dying at an alarming rate but aside from recycling and maybe saying no to a plastic straw every now and then I wasn’t sure what I was really supposed to be doing. I had heard the term zero waste but it seemed like a rather unobtainable goal. No waste? None at all? How was it possible? I read about people making their own makeup from vegetables, buying everything from farmers markets and whole foods stores and keeping every little piece of rubbish they encountered in a mason jar. Hardly something I could do as a student living in a shared house with barely enough funds to afford a regular supermarket shop never mind local, organic produce. Surely this couldn’t be a growing movement where people were actually willing to change their lives overnight and give up everything convenient (and affordable) in their lives, so I decided to research a little further.

It became obvious that zero waste wasn’t all about cutting out all waste in your life and living some kind of inconvenient backwards lifestyle, but actually a very achievable movement and mindset. Zero waste is about making active changes in your life with the intention of living in a zero waste world. You don’t have to give up every little thing, and you can gradually change your lifestyle at a pace that suits you. This was something I could get behind, and so I started making small changes, doing more research and working to spread information about zero waste. I also wanted to build up to a more sustainable 2019 and make this my year of environmental change. I made ‘being better to the environment’ my New Year’s resolution as I figured that a new year and a fresh start would be the perfect time to commit to a new lifestyle.

This blog was originally just going to be a diary for me, a way of tracking my progress and keeping motivated but then I realised that there may be others out there who didn’t realise how easy it could be to make a positive change. It is very easy be disheartened by zero waste blogs and social media accounts that portray this aesthetic lifestyle that costs a lot of time and money to achieve. I wanted people to be able to come on this journey with me from zero to eco to see that it isn’t just something that happens overnight and how a zero waste lifestyle is possible for anyone because it’s about the common goal, not a set routine.

It’s really exciting to be writing about something that I’m passionate about, and maybe I’ll even manage to inspire someone to give zero waste a go. I’ll be creating new content every week about my journey and little things that can you can do that don’t involve changing your entire lifestyle but still make a difference. Welcome to the real zero waste blog!


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