The Impossible Task of Zero Waste Travel: The Journey

A slight delay in writing this week as new year new me has also begun to mean new house so I am a little tied down with those preparations at the moment, not that I imagine that I have the kind of following on this blog that would be desperately waiting on my next post!... Continue Reading →


The Impossible Task of Zero Waste Travel: Packing

Hello again! This week I am writing from sunny Portugal as I am here for a couple of days visiting my parents so it seemed like a good opportunity to start a zero waste travel experience series both generally and specific things that I have encountered on my trips. Zero waste travel is already an... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

Step one on my zero waste journey was to decide where I wanted to begin. It's very easy to get caught up in the idea of making everything in your life sustainable and end up struggling to keep it up. I'm a pretty keen cook but don't currently have the funds or means of getting... Continue Reading →

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